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I just bought an Automatic 05 Wrangler X with under 70k miles which has a few issues I am hoping one of you can help me with.

1.) power - It starts just fine but when I am sitting in traffic the rpm's will raise, drop, repeat. If I sit long enough this causes the Jeep to die but will start right back up. If I accelerate in reverse it will also die. I assume this is either a fuel pump or Alternator issue.

2.) Breaks - I have gotten multiple regular vehicle maintenance services done since I have had it and each time I have asked them to check the breaks which have each told me they are fine. They squeak and are extremely poor, is this common on Wrangler's and do I need to just upgrade my breaking system? Front is pads rear is drum.

3.) Acceleration - This may be another power issue however whenever I take a trip into the mountains it feels like it almost hydro locks. It won't shift into a higher gear and I can't accelerate. Almost like it has a carbureted engine but it's fuel injected. Is this common or is there something I can do other than getting a supercharger put on to avoid this?
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