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On the road some were
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1997 Wrangler TJ
Other then stock is (Yellow 7" fenders, aftermarket rims, tube bumpers, 31 10.50 15's AT's, aftermarket stereo and 12" powered bass, and last but not least it has custom tail light's )
I came across my Wrangler on Craigslist in Feb 2010, it was in Ft. Smith AR. I gave 4,500 dollars for it and have never looked back.


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Here is what you will need for proper judging.

-Wrangler year of production
-Specifications and modifications
-Brief history of your jeep and how it came to be. (optional)
-Three pictures

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Here is what you will need for proper judging.

-Wrangler year of production
-Specifications and modifications
-Brief history of your jeep and how it came to be. (optional)
-Three pictures tags embedded onto entry[/quote]

2008 Wrangler JK
Pretty much stock at this point..
- Ruggid Ridge XHD front bumper
- Smittybilt XRC 9000lb Winch
- Ruggid Ridge 100w Driving lights.
I purchased this Jeep used not that long ago and have not done much to her yet. I removed the stickers, pulled the OEM steps..



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well here is GREEN-MACHINE it started out as a stock JKU and somehow transformed into what you see.
3 inch teraflex lift and shocks
tom woods front drive shaft
lod mid width front bumper
engo 12k winch
OX rear locker
skid row evap skid
9th degree rear diff skid
rancho front diff skid
rancho oil pan skid
smitty build xrc rock sliders
day star switch panel
day star top dash panel
american racing rims ( not installed yet)
cobra CB
high lift jack
rampage high lift jack mount
2 KC long range
2 KC flood
IPF head lights
BM trans cooler
grand total, $6283 .....
up next is a mega build D-30 with 5.13
with 37's
tom woods rear shaft
i inch body lift
... and on the back burner is a LS2 V8 conversion
anything else i need.


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97 TJ
4.0 I6
AX-15 tranny
NP-231 T-case
D-30 front
D-35 rear
3.07 gears
2" rough country lift
Catback exhaust with header
SYE and woods driveshafts
Custom front bumper
Custom flares
Custom kayak and camping rack
Full doors and half doors
Hard top and soft top

Adding D-44 with ARB Locker, 4.10 gears and winch


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Hi, my name is Steve and I am a Jeepaholic :)

07 Wrangler JK Unlimited Rubicon
3.8 V6, NSG 370 6 sp manual, NV-241OR RocK-trac transfer case with 4.0:1 low, D44 front and rear with 4.10 gears and E-lockers.
Metalcloak 3.5" lift, Procomp MX6 shocks, 315/70/17's on stock Rubi Wheels.
I picked this beauty up in May and have installed the lift and added steps to the rubi rock rails (with a little help from Chris). Tires went on right after the lift. Plans include front and rear bumpers, home built half doors and eventually a trailer to take the family camping. Along the way will be various lights, OBA or CO2, and a CB. After that, who knows.


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Hello everyone I'm John

1998 tj
4.0l with 3 speed auto with skyjacker deep oil pan and heavy duty oil cooler
Stainless header gutted cat flowmaster super 40 muffler
Np231 sye with woods rear shaft and rebuilt front stock.
6" long arm lift
35" bfg km2 mud tires on soft 8 rims
dana 30 front
dana 44 rear
3.73 gears
A to z fab rock sliders and front and rear diff covers
Skid Rowe gas tank skid
Rock it oil pan skid
Hyline steering box skid and hood louvers
Homemade rear bumper and tire carrier
Poison spyder winch bumper
8k mile marker winch
Next up is gears and maybe a dana 44 for the front.

I've been trying to add photos but the app keeps crashing


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-Username- Coolet90
-Wrangler year of production- 2006
-Specifications and modifications:
Golden Eagle Package (what i have so far)
4-speed automatic
4.0-liter, 190-horsepower I6
42RLE transmission
Quadra-Coil suspension
Command-Trac 4WD transfer case (NP231)
Dana 30 front axle
Dana 44 rear axle
two-tone seats with unique Golden Eagle embroidery
a silver center-stack bezel
15-inch gold-aluminum wheels
Golden Eagle decals on the exterior
3 Rugged Ridge KC lights (replaced original foglights when they broke off)
Highflow Hood Scoop
Moved mirrors from door to frame
Removed stock 30" tires and replaced with 31"x10.5 R15 Firestone Destination A/Ts
Got a Front tubular bar for free and decided to change out stock bumper.
Skyjacker M95 Shocks (To be put on on 9/7)
-Brief history of your jeep and how it came to be.- after 2 previous owners it came into my possession as a First car (2007). At first i didnt think i'd like it but after 2 weeks of driving it i fell in love and ideas have been rolling through my head ever since. Money has not allowed for much modifications but will have a better paying job soon and hopefully that will change.
-Three pictures


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1999 Wrangler Sport
Rattle can military paint and markings dedicated to dads WWII service. Rokmen rockers and adjustable control arms. Crown HD steering. UCF aluminum belly armor including ultra high clearance belly up. G2 D44 with Detroit locker 33 spline chromoly shafts. TruTrac in the 30 with 4.56 gears. No suspension lift. Stock LJ springs. 1.25" bl mml with 3/4" spacer in front to level. Skyjacker hydros. Warn winch. 33X10.50 KM2s. SYE/CV. Bought off Craigs List for $4700 and have put twice that into it.
For action go here:

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Jeep Off-road vehicle

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Jeep Automotive tire

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Jeep Automotive tire

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OK I'll play....

1988 Jeep Wrangler
Bone stock 4.2 inline six
Ba10 5 speed transmission
NP231AMC transfer case
Slip yoke eliminator
custom built double cardan rear drive shaft
'01 Ford Explorer 8.8 rear axle with disc brakes 4:11 open diff
'95 Dana 30 front axle 4:10 with Aussie Locker
2.5 inch suspension lift
One inch boomerang shackles rear, 5/8 inch boomerang shackles front
One inch Brown Dog motor mount lift
One inch Daystar body lift
Joe Dillard custom rock rails
TJ flares
Upgraded family style roll bar with modifications
Rear seat headrests and five point harnesses
Front seat four point harnesses
NASCAR safety nets on rear of roll cage
Bestop Supertop, full hard top, full length mesh bikini top
Full doors
Windshield mout spots
Bumper mount Hella 550 floods
Posi-Lok CAD control
Shifter mounted hand throttle
Smittybuilt XRC8K winch
BF Goodrich AT 33X12.50/16 tires
16x8 Jeep Rubicon rims
Six speaker sound bar
AM/FM CD MP3 in dash radio
Cobra WXT75 CB
Tuffy rear steel rear storage box

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Jeep Off-road vehicle

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Jeep Motor vehicle

Land vehicle Vehicle Jeep Off-road vehicle Car
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