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Why do you have a Wrangler?

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1. Like to fish, so gravel and dirt roads are par for the course.
2. Help out on the folks farm.
3. Weather in the Ohio River valley can be unpredictable.
4. I'm a retro kinda guy and the wrangler is the epitome of a retro vehicle, barely changed since 1941.
5. My first car was an "SUV" before they started calling them that.
6. Fell in love with "Disco" CJs in the 70s, wanted one ever since.
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1. Like to fish and hunt.
2. Jeeps are cool
3. one of very few manly convertables.
4. do I need a reason?
5. I love to wheel.
1)I love to fish
2)I love exploring old ghost towns and mines
3)I'm a fool for dirt roads. If I see one I have to find out where it goes
4)My bad back won't allow me to race motorcycles any more
5)Jeep folks is good folks!
1. It was a Christmas gift.
2. Build it up as a BA Jeep.
3. ???
4. ???
5. Profit.
I had a couple Cherokees before. My wife had a 95 Grand Cherokee and we got her a newer one, knowing we wouldn't get anything on a trade in we kept the old one as a spare. A friend wanted a car for his niece to drive back and forth to UT Knoxville and traded me his 88 YJ for the old 95. So, we keep the YJ as a Sunday mall crawler or ride in the country on a nice day vehicle.
1. It's red
2. I like dirt
3. It takes me on adventures a car won't.
4. Chicks dig scars and Jeeps.
5. It will come in handy when the SHTF.
1 chicks dig big tires.
2 fat chicks can't jump...
3 chicks like my 5 speed shifter ;)
4 its badass
5 its a jeep thing you probly wouldn't understand rofl.
Rocks baby, it rocks and it crawls over some gnarly big rocks. Enuf said
it's a convertible AND a 4x4, it's sexy as h*ll, and it goes where other 4 wheel drives only dream of going.
To do this

Enough said, if that doesn't sum it up I don't know what will
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Will you stop posting pics and come finish mine for me.
1) the kids are grown I don't need all that cargo space
2) the kids are moved out so I don't need the back seat so I can have more cargo space
3) I love trail riding
4) We love exploring the wilderness guess you could call it overland
5) the payment was half that of the f250
6) I love trail riding!
7) I love trail riding!
8) I love trail riding!
9) I love camping away from the crowded camp grounds
10) I look cool!
Will you stop posting pics and come finish mine for me.
Finish it or bring that Heep over lol
I may need your input on the steering issue I am facing. I am trying to find a way to do a high steer on a dodge dana 60 ball joint front end.
Send me some picks of the knuckles especially the top of them
Will do in the morning.
Because if I didnt I'd never see my Family

Family of rigs



Not Jeeps but both of my brothers



Their project Jeep


Wheelin is what we do in this family
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IMO Jeeps are the Harleys of the offroad world, and i love harleys so the jeep life came natural to us. There just bad ass and will take you where ever u decide to go. Summers rock and Winters are the shizzle..
Got more pics/details about this one?

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Yep, my Dad has had that since 1974, so a year longer than me. I'll post up in the build thread in a bit

Edit :

Link to build thread
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