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Note: Has nothing to do with a boat ride..

Late Spring 2009, we wanted to take the old 99 out for some good old fashion off roading.. the drive took us a few hours to get there.. basically we noticed a dotted line on the map and wanted to check it out.. Driving up and down the road (near the access road's location) we just didn't see where we were suppose to have turned.

A few miles back.. we spotted a military camp ground and thought this might the road we were looking for.. Driving down the dusty trial we came upon a few campers and asked if they knew where this road was.. Most where out of state and had no clue but commented on how the 99 looked (hand painted camo).

Just before leaving.. we spotted an old man an his beat up GMC Van.. walking his dog near the rivers edge, He was our last hope of ever finding this road. he said "Sure I know where this road is, I take it everyday to go home". So we talked for a while.. then we all got in our own vehicles and headed out..

Driving back from where we came.. I watch him turn on his left turn signal.. but wait.. there wasn't a road just a steep hill.. I was wrong.. he took his van up this steep hill, which turned out to be a gravel access road which was sort of hidden by some bushes and drove off.. I figured I best catch up.

Putting the Jeep in four wheel drive we headed up and into the forest.. it was very slow going the first few meters.. areas were if I opened the door I would fall to my death.. yet my wife had her hand out touching the rock face wall on her side.. it was that close.

For nearly three hours we drove.. and I wasn't prepared.. fuel was running low but the old man assured me we would be alright.. driving through dense areas and forest, then crossing streams.. stopping to take pictures (lost the pics) a few times the old man would stop and pint out the window, This was his way of saying look there, that where we just were..

The whole time.. his van dragged the road and hit the bumps heavy.. sparks flew everywhere.. thou it had rain the night before.. I was keeping a distance and an eye on any developing flames. We were so caught up with the whole adventure, tight areas and steep over looks that we forgot to get more pictures.. I just can't get my wife to take some while I'm driving.. Thou I may create another hood mounted camera holder in the near future.

Time kept passing and night was falling.. the trail road was a bit father then we expected.. but at last.. hard surface pavement was just ahead.. the old man pulled over and said this is my exit, waved, turned and drove off.. Knowing we were on hard surface road is better but still had no clue where we would end up..

As if light at the end of the tunnel.. a main road was just up ahead with restaurants and service stations.. the timing couldn't have been better. we look back at the long road (our first real off road adventure) and think we have to do this again some time..

Now that we have the 08.. I feel we might just try that road again.. and very soon.
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