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When I move the Transfer lever from 4H to 4L, I feel "springy resistance" as I reach where 4L SHOULD engage. When I release the lever, it moves directly into NEUTRAL. The transfer makes NO noises when I do this.
I have the transmission in NEUTRAL when I try to shift.
I have already adjusted the linkage underneath (loosened the trunion, put the selector in 4L, tightened the trunion).
I have tried engaging the transfer into 4L with the vehicle rolling under 5 mph.
Pepe has a 2" body lift, but has nothing else related to the suspension.
With the body lift, wouldn't I need a longer rod connecting the transfer selector lever to the actual shift mechanism on the transfer case?
I can disconnect the linkage and manually shift the transfer (see next post), but it seems like the linkage is about an inch or two too short to do it with the lever.

Okay, here we go....
I have the linkage between the Transfer selector lever and the actual transfer shifter disconnected for this.
PICTURE ONE Shows the transfer case shifter engaged in the 4H position.
PICTURE TWO Shows the transfer case shifter engaged in the NEUTRAL position
PICTURE THREE Shows how the linkage will reach the shifter, and I can actually connect the linkage into the hole in the transfer shifter.
PICTURE FOUR Shows the transfer case shifter engaged in the 4L position.
PICTURE FIVE Shows that with the transfer shifter engaged in 4L, not only is the linkage not long enough to reach the shifter, "THIS THING" (for lack of a better term, as I can't find an actual NAME for it) is actually in the way! Even if the linkage were long enough, "THIS THING" is physically in the way.

I am thinking that there MUST be an adapter out there that will resolve this issue. I know for a fact that there are other Jeep owners out there that have lifted their Jeeps 2 or 3 inches...sometimes even MORE!




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