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My dad and I picked up a 1 ton steering conversion for his TJ to replace the stock tie rods and drag links.

the Kit

Came with all the TREs 3 tapered inserts for the knuckles and pitman arm.


Step 1 lock the steering wheel

Step 2 place jack stands under the axle and remove tires Now is a good time to measure from knuckle to knuckle to roughly set the new tie rod

Step 3 remove the stock steering stabilizer from the axle

Step 4 remove the 3 tie rod ends, both knuckles and from the pitman arm

Step 5 now the fun part, drilling the knuckles and pitman arm. We started by drilling them out to 5/8ths then stepped it up from there. to 7/8ths for the inserts. A corded drill and new bits are highly recommended.

Step 6. after drilling the knuckle and pitman arm out to 7/8ths install the new tie rod with the tapered inserts. keeping the same amount of thread showing on both sides. tighten down the castle nuts and install codder pins. Do not tighten the jam nuts on the TREs yet.

Step 7. Install the new drag link starting with the pitman arm side followed by the tie rod side. along with the castle nuts and codder pins. Grease all of the TREs now

Step 8. remount the wheels with the axle still on the jack stands and align the tie rod. 1/16th to 1/8th toe in. (a professional alignment may still be necessary) once its aligned remove the jack stands and have the jeep resting on its own weight again. tighten the jam nuts at this time

Step 9. Unlock and recenter the steering wheel. Adjust the drag link untill the tires are straight. then tighten the jam nuts down.

Step 10. clean up and test drive make sure it tracks well and steering wheel is where you would like it. check all joints again and make sure they are tight

Finished product
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