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Thurston & Lewis Count Jeepers

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Hey, I felt we needed someting local. I'm in Rochester near the Grand Mound Cemetery, drive a lifted black 06 LJ Rubicon Unlimited, ain't real hard core, enjoy back roads, visiting old mining and lumber camps and need not put it in 4 wheel drive at every outing. That said I'd like to do the Naches Trail and some of the other trails in Washington as well as Oregon. Hope to meet up and do some wheeling soon.
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Im outa Renton in King county

The Naches trail is alot of fun and will open around July 15thish, sometimes earlier. Its pretty easy during the summer months but still alot of fun. I also like doing a late night snow run on it closing weekend(it closes Nov. 15th) and thats hard but alot of fun also, but sometimes pretty dangerous.

<--- My avatar is from there at about 11 pm on Nov. 11th. I wasnt with the groups that had problems but there were 2 decently bad roll overs that night from 2 other groups and the next day on Kaner someone rolled and broke there neck. He's ok now though and his new Jeep should be runnin soon if not already.
Where's that trail? I'm from the olympic peninsula. You know... "twilight country" -.-
Head out of Enumclaw on Hwy 410, about 2 miles out of Greenwater hang a left on FS70. The pavement ends about 11 miles later. Follow the the gravel road about 2-3 miles and theres a left, take it and then left again about 50 feet later. The trail starts on the right about 50 yards up the road.
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