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The List Of Things To Do Keeps Growing..

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Heading to Eastern Shore (MD) this weekend to help out an friends petting zoo/farm.. thing is They've told me that they have cleared our more woods behind their house to make room for more pet cages and grazing areas.. This looks like a great opportunity for a mini off road trail.. I know they can take ATV's back there an into the swamp.. thou I doubt we'll go that far.. but just to take a small drive into the forest will be worth it..

Also.. and upcoming trip to my aunts house in TN is being plan.. and I know where the Jeep will be going.. down into the field below.. been there done that in the old 99.. I can't wait to get Uncle Lib in the passenger seat.

He had a stoke several years back and doesn't get out much. I see him sitting on the porch looking out into the field and I know what he is thinking.. This will be my chance to help him out.

So JKer's, Look for us in TN very soon..
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