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Stamp collecting

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Any of you guys collect stamps or know someone who does?
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My wife's grand father did before he passed away. My inlaws have them now. They just got them appraised for insurance reasons recently think.
Any of you guys collect stamps or know someone who does?
If Obama is re-elected, we can all quit our jobs and collect food stamps.
It would depend on what you are calling a "Stamp collection"? Those of you who know firearms know about stamps. :D
I ask because I have about 10 stamp from all over the world that are in individual plastic bags and are old. I don't collect them but I figured someone may or may know someone that would want them. I want them to go to someone who will actually want them for more then the few bucks they can sell em for.
I know a man with a stamp collection, but he doesn't actively collect.

Post some pics. Do you know how old they are or their country of origination?
No clue except the one that says Olympics 1972. I'll get some pics later today.
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