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Apparently I have allot to do since my return to the Jeep life.. several emails later and I have about 20 things I need to write up.. But I've been put on hold until "things" arrive in the mail..

But until then.. a short trip to my friends petting zoo with de-stress the both of us.. Have a nice cook out.. stay a bit late with a camp fire and watch the stars come up.. Oh I forgot.. a short trip into a newly cut trail which just so happens to have a pond at the end of the trail.

Buying a jeep simi already set up is a good thing.. Just one of those things where I really don't see any need to lift the Jeep 6 inches or more and put bigger tires on it.. everything seem to be set up perfectly.. and this will be a good test to see how well the 4x4 systems operates.

Yeah sure somewhere down the road we want to add a few things here, remove a few things there.. just so we can say it ours.. Market or tagged sort of speak..

Once this test proves what this Clifford can handle.. I'll be heading down to tennessee and hit a more extreme trail I once tackled in the past.. thou I didn't go to far down the stream.. it did offer a very exciting drive..

But my main goal in TN is to get Uncle Lib in the passenger seat so I can take him down into that field he once walked through.. and of course while in the find check out the newly uncovered rocks and minerals.. it's alway good to have a second hobby while traveling. makes one realize what the jeep can do and place you will go.
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