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Rugid Ridge 100w Driving Lights

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Well I finall got around to wiring up my new lights.. Fitting they were my fathers day gift.. Still need to get the aiming right so they are fully benificial and not blinding to on comming traffic..

2008 JK X OEM headlights.

2008 JK X OEM headlights + 100w RR Driving Lights

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Well we already have a crack... :(. I don't see a stone chip or impact looks more like temp change crack..

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Got good news today!! RR said they have no issue replacing the lamp. Just asked me to contact the company I purchased them from. My wife emailed Amazon who without hassle 2 day priority shipped me a complete duplicate of my previous order... Just asked that I mail my broken lamp back but isn't demanding it. Great customer service
Amazon rocks!!! Recieved my replacement order, yeah they sent me a full duplicate order.. Already have it fixed and ready to ship back. They even provided me with a return shipping label. I will Definitly buy off them again!!

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I got the three light set love em, dont use them alot though only when its so dark regular lights dont do crap.


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Same here. I use them mostly on the back roads lead to my farm where the over growth makes it DARK..
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