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I'm taking Pre-orders for winches if you want to save a little $$$ let me know if your interested.

These are very well built winches limited lifetime warranty.

A Series Pro

C-2500 A list price $220 My Price $176
C-3500 A list price $239 My Price $190

C-2500 XT list price $232 My Price $205
C-3500-XT list Price $253 My Price $245

EWX Series

C-8000-EWX list price $495 My Price $375
C-10000-EWX List price $608 My Price $475
C-12000-EWX List Price $646 My Price $500


List Price $688 My Price $525

That's a 6.5 hp motor, 65ftp no load line speed, limited lifetime warranty

That's about 1k cheaper than a comparable Warn.


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If i only had money... :D

Looks like some good prices for a good product.
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