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Hello everyone, I was referred here by "greenjeepgurl87" and do like it here so far. Props to the guys who run the place ;)

About me ... I am currently in West Texas, lived in PA for a while, but back in West Texas now. I am a supervisor for a major oilfield service company & am offroad almost everyday for work, & still can't get enough of it.

I have a Black 1994 YJ that has a 4" suspension lift & the 4.0L 6 Cylinder with the AX-15 tranny mated to a NP231J transfer case. Still has the D30 front & D35 Rear, but have upgraded them to last a good while. They currently have 4:10 gears in them with a locker in the rear.

Well, that should let ya know a little about me & my Jeep. Good to be here. :)

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