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Bit the bullet and picked up a YJ. 2.5L 4WD 241K on the clock. I replaced the caps in the ECU; PO had replaced the dizzy, solenoid and a couple other things. Drove her home today, ran really well, but above about 35 MPH the steering is scary, all over the road. The lower U-joint at the steering box is worn really bad, so that's number 1 fix. I see some steering shafts on rockauto for ~$80. Is this the best bet, or are there other options? I've replaced the rag joint in my 96 Cougar with a u-joint before, so wondering if a better option is some DD shaft with new u-joints.

This will be my daughter's first car, so plans are to go through brakes, suspension, shocks, ball joints, fluids, etc. Will look at LED headlights, taillights add a stereo

Then probably go with a rag top since the half doors don't have tops and wanting to add A/C as summers are hot here in NC. There's some wiring under the hood I need to clean up, PO used butt connectors, will replace with solder & heat shrink some new stuff in.

How do I shift into 4WD? the shifter is worn pretty bad and when I tried to move it, it didn't move freely, didn't need the 4WD so I didn't push it any harder.

Any other suggestions what to look at?

Gathering information right now as I have a 2000 Explorer I'm currently working on and will be doing an engine swap.
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