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Welcome to WB you've picked the best tech site out.

so your new and you want to know how to swap your air cleaner. your thinking oh ill just create a thread about it... theres an easier way each section of the forum has a search as seen below..
this will make it alot quicker&easier if there is already an existing thread. that way we don't have 394302-202 billion threads about said "air cleaner" and we can take more time to answer others. thank you for picking WB.

so i guess i should add a section here for posting&multi quoting.
there will be a tab when entering new sections of the forums, on the left side as shown bellow...

As for the multi-quoting its pretty easy.
Step 1. Select the persons quote that you would like quoted.

Step2. Click the Multi-Quote Button in the bottom right hand corner of their post.

Step 3. Make sure it turns red.

Step 4. Select the next person you'd like to quote. Click the Multi-Quote Button in the bottom right hand corner of their post.
It will also turn red.

Step 5. Continue Multi-Quoting anyone else you'd like. Make sure you follow steps 1 through 5.

Step 6. Quote em! Click the Quote Button in the bottom right hand corner and quote.

now for uploading pics/media. your going to want to make sure its .JPEG, then you can load it onto said sites.
Tags /[IMG] to post a pic. or by using the tab here shown here

for videos you can use.
and a direct thumbnail will appear when you post.
also i know this is a great place for tech advice but Guests please sign up we need more active members :cool: Thank yous.

pop lock&drop it.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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