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Hey guys and gals,

I just joined the forum from central PA.

I have an 89 yj project about 75% complete.

it began life as an islander.

4.2ish 6cyl. i say "ish" because it is rebuilt bored .60 over and cammed. MC2100 carb, HEI ign. The stock wiring, computer and vacuum system are now completely removed. (you will see why later)

So it is an 89 basically set back into the early 1970s, but runs better than ever!

It came to me with a small shackle lift. im guessing 1"-2". hard top and doors. and a LOT of problems. Both the computer and dash wiring were fried! Some shade tree mechanic tried to do some repairs at some point with wire splices and duct tape... shorts abound and everything burned. Our best guess is that something either got back-fed.... or the jeep was struck by lightning. But in any case it fried the ECU, melted wires and switches... complete devastation.

We have lovingly named this project Major Malfunction.

I have been working on it on-and-off for the past 3 years. But I’m getting to the point where i want to finish it and start driving it, or sell it.

We have it running well, and it now has the marker lights, turn signals and brake lights working. We had to pull the entire wiring harness and melted fuse box out and started over by installing a generic fuse box (relocated to the glove box) and running our own wires and switches for everything individually. So it has a really nice custom thing going on now.

Left the dash off and replaced it with a stainless flat panel. Etc. etc. etc.

Long story short. It has come a very long way but still has some ways to go before it is ready. But what project doesn’t

I am glad to be here and I'll be asking a lot of questions from all of you guru's out there!

- Benny
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