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need help naming my jeep

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In January I bought a 99 wrangler sport i6 4.0. I for a while now I have been trying to think of a name but no luck... the jeep is pretty much stock. I havent had the time or money to do any mods.. color is gun metal blue pearl it has chrome tube bumpers front and back. Gonna paint them with bed liner soon.

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The fog lights in that pic aren't on yet but will be soon
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A lot of people name their Jeep right when they depend on it most. Like "come you piece of ****" or "Yeah baby".
Names are personal. If your friend calls it a name you can use that, but come up with one that fits it's personality.
Names like "old blue" are lame. Be creative.
Some people subscribe to someone else has to name your rig, but we have always named our own. We usually wait until the right name just happens. My husband's YJ ended up with it's name because I kept calling it the Ugly Duckling. It was the ugliest little YJ I had ever seen but I know she would grow in to a beauty. He was going to change the name after modding her but it kind of stuck. My jeeps name is Baby Doll, It just came to me and felt right.
I see. While I have you attention then. I am contemplating painting the chrome with. rustoleum bed liner... what are your thoughts?
Im just looking for ideas. ... I guess a better thread would have been. What did you name yours?
Painting chrome almost never lasts. You have to keep touching it up. Fortunately you are going to rattle can it so it's all good.
But rough up the chrome with some coarse sand paper first as well as you can.
Im going to clean it up and. Rough it with sand paper then. I got self etching primer for good adhesion then ill finish it with the liner
I use the Rustoleum Bed Liner Spray on my rock sliders and bumpers. I also had chrome door handles and a chrome strip where the back of the wind wing window is. I used a coarse then fine sand paper on them, then just shot them with the bed liner spray. They still look good after two years. No touch up yet. The rock sliders and bumpers on the other hand get abused.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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