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Muffler replacement

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My flowmaster took a dump! The deflector plates or loose, you can hit the muffler with your hand and make it rattle so it's pretty noisy at idle. It was on my jeep when I bought, I am looking for suggestions for replacement.
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I like the sound of the 40 series Flowmaster so I myself would stick with it.
I run a Spintech and really like it. There also small and with a little cutting and welding I got it to fit nicely around my 3 link. It sounds good also
Mufflers fine

I am a retard, it the inside of the converter making the noise. I can get it replaced for $275 which I will have to do because I can't install it. I am already going to put a new clutch in and not looking forward to that! I need a big shot of get it done.
Jim Stark
That sucks. Mufflers are way cheaper to get installed.
i have a duel exhaust i want changed back to a single. The exhaust manifold is a twin header (two threes)
one pipe is fine but the other all the way back is for crap. Leaking and rusted and noisey. whats a 6 cylinder header worth?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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