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as the title states i have change inside the blower motor housing.
first question how hard is it to remove the blower motor? the Haynes manual makes it look like a pain in the ass.
question 2. what are the odds its a silver coin worth millions......:rolleyes:

I just need to get my hand in there to remove coin. drives me crazy cause i cant use the blower on high for fear of wreckin the fan.

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I had to go back and read your posts to find out what kind of Jeep you have.

93 wrangler,4.0,5speed,homemade bumpers front and rear currently working on re-doing sidesteps/sliders so they are not tied into the body. completly rusted the tub out.
1) yeah it's kind of a pain in the butt to remove but it's doable. Just time consuming. It will be a good time for doing the Chevy Blazer blower motor upgrade. Direct bolt in and they move a lot more air.

2) could be gold doubloons left there by a guy that owned it before you that was a member of Pirate 4X4. Could be washers. Or worse yet, could be old Torx bolts.
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