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I'm a relative newbie when it comes to off-roading though I have taken my stock JK Unlimited out to Rousch Creek in PA once and worked up to the level 5 trail with little difficulty. My problem is that:

A: I'm a newbie. As we already know it's not recommended that anyone--especially someone new to the sport--ride the trails alone.
B: The Jeep is still un-modified and will never be rigged out as a full-on rock crawler. This doesn't mean I don't want to enjoy a bit of crawling, I just don't want to chop the rig since it's also my daily driver as a family car.
C: I live very near the intersection of the Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland state lines. I know there are at least two off-road sites reasonably close and a brand new one built in the north-central part of PA near Shamokin Dam, about 150 miles away.

The group I would like to find would consist of a mix of well-experienced drivers and newer ones, willing to teach and guide both on the trail and also how to perform the kinds of mods that keep the rig street-legal while making it more effective on rough terrain.

I'm currently planning a 1" body lift (which I've just learned consists of more than just lifting the body if you want to avoid other problems) and about a 2" suspension lift once I'm ready to put 35's under her instead of the stock 32s. With the combined total lift of roughly 4.5" (including tires) I should be able to handle red and maybe even black trails at Rousch at which point I'll really need to learn the technical driving aspects.
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