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LJ to LJ-8 Conversion

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Into the garage she goes. LJ-8 conversion in the works. Stay tuned kids!

Gr8t Tops for the win!
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You sure know how to get someone all giddy and excited just to let them down like that young women in high school. Thanks!
LOL Chris, sorry about that. Here are some updates. .....Pic one, tub stripped down. Ready to preb for tub lining......Pic two, top is here.....Pic three, Rear body tub badges are here. Just like from a CJ-8. Thank you Collins Brothers!

I know this has been done. And there there have been other threads. But I like to have a little diary of big upgrades like this one.

Raptor bedliner should be here tomorrow. Spraying Sunday. Fitting top tomorrow/saturday!

Cutting the rear legs off was not a easy thing for me to do! ;)
Question: What the hell is an LJ8?
Similar to a CJ8
Just for giggles this is my father in laws CJ8 that I went through for him and fixed up. A couple before and after pics.


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you did a damn fine job!
let me know how difficult the conversion is ive been thinking about it on my 06
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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