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My 1997 Jeep Wrangler TJ Sport has a problem. When i first start it up it's ok for about 2-3 mins then starts to make a popping sound, sometimes less time.
It loses power, but i use the clutch and use the gas and then it makes loads more popping sounds (it sounds like clearing crap out) and feels like all power is lost.
Then it just comes to life and all is ok until i turn it off again and then it does it again. Does not matter if it's 10 hours or 2 mins, i get the same problem.

Living in Gran Canaria we are limited in garages with any knowledge about this. I've already been told plugs and leads (so i changed them),
Carbon build up so i had stuff put in my fuel to clean it. No better at all.

Please, if someone can help identify the problem i would be so grateful as i don't want to cause long-term problems to my Jeep.
I love driving it but am scared to at the moment.
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