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Answered my own questions so...FYI.

I have a Sony Xplod that I don't like currently mounted in Vader. I want a factory set-up for theft deterent reasons (how much trouble would someone go to to steal it really?), along with the general look, not to mention that the OEM set up in my 98 Cherokee Sport was a darned decent and good sounding system.

Some comparables, if you have a 1997-2001 TJ, you can use radio/casstte/CD players from the following vehicles----plug and play

Factory AM/FM/Cassette/CD player

AM/FM CD only

AM/FM Cassette only...

NOTICE THE MOUNTING POINTS ARE THE SAME!!!! Also note that the CD players have 3 band EQs, and the cassette only has two.

And the radios should interchange between the following:

Chrysler Town & Country 97-2000
Dodge Neon 97-99
Dodge 1500 Pickup 97-2001
Dodge Caravan (Including Grand) 97-00
Dodge 2500 and 3500 Pickup 97-2002 (2-7 pin connectors)
Dodge Intrepid 97 only
Dodge Van 97-01
Dodge Van 02-03 (2-7 pin connectors)
Jeep Grand Cherokee 96-98
Jeep Grand Wagoneer 93 ONLY
Jeep Cherokee 97-01
Jeep Wrangler 97-2001
Jeep Wrangler 2002 (2-7 pin connectors -some had it some didn't)
Plymouth Voyager 97-2000

Some of these may also have a third connector for steering wheel controls, but you can just leave it empty.

I just picked up a CD/Cassette player from a 99 Cherokee Sport for 40 bucks. I'll add an eight dollar cassette adaptor and play my MP3 files.

Obviously the earlier and later CJs and Wranglers used different radios.

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I don't know about the Jeep radios but you can't take two identical radios and swap them into two identical GM cars. They have a chip in them that you have to have matched to your computer. Cuts down on theft I guess.
I don't know what year they started that but it is the case with my '03 Avalanche. Not sure if other manufacturers did the same thing.

Just an FYI.

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Yeah, that's called "Theft Lock"...had it a 96 Impala SS. You can disable it, but you need some sort of code from GM, or it will lock out the ignition.
Doesn't apply to Chrysler radios.
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