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Highrock's version of Bestops storage tray for the Jeep.. and we will try to get these as soon as possible.. However.. I just wanted to let anyone know if they get these what to expect.

We've had these very durable plastic trays before.. the only issue we had was that the steel hardware was rusting out.. before getting rid of the 99 wrangler.. I was in process in upgrading the hardware to aluminum..

Granted I'll not be able to do anything with the main connecters.. I can alter the steel support tubes.. Taking used Lacrosse poles and using these instead.. If an when we get these trays, I'll continue with my upgrade revision and post images.

But here is what I wanted to share with those of you wanting just a bit more storage without spending allot of green.. before we first got the bestop tray system.. I went to our local bike shop and bought a used bike carrier.. which would mount on the spare tire.

At this point I lowered the arms and mounted a plastic storage tray bought at walmart.. attaching the storage box with u bolts I was abel to create a spare tire storage system.. which was weather proof and we could put anything in while traveling..

Even while camping and we had to leave spur of the moment and it was raining.. we just folded up the tent and threw in the box outside the jeep.. and drove away.. this way we don't get anything wet inside the jeep..

One issue we had with my home made system, was that if the weight wasn't balanced in the box.. over time the box would shift for one side to another.. I guess I just didn't have the straps tied down tight enough.
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