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Hi everyone,

My name is Aubrey and I live in Ridgecrest, Ca. Here in Ridgecrest we are surrounded by trials and off road areas. I can literally drive down the street and be on a trail. So it made sense to by a jeep. My wife and I have done one off road trip with CI4X4 and we are hooked.
I was pointed to this sight from (Brewing beer is my other passion) and just like that site I feel I will learn a lot and meet a lot of great friends here.

Hope to see you on the trails

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Welcome! I see you have the best Jeep ever produced, a YJ. Those silly coil springs are for cars, which is what the Jeep became after the YJ. A car. Electric windows, power mirrors, air conditioning, etc... Sad.
The only argument you will get to that will come from a person that made the horrible mistake of buying a car Jeep like a TJ or JK. Humor them. We don't want to hurt their feelings. They get all depressed and start making up stories about how much better blah blah blah... It is OK to talk about them behind their backs tho'. They should have known better.
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