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Welcome, pic/specs, of your rig?
Welcome, what ya drivin, pics?
this is a quick list of my junk and here's a few pictures. 3 inch teraflex lift and shocks
tom woods front drive shaft
lod mid width front bumper
engo 12k winch
OX rear locker
skid row evap skid
9th degree rear diff skid
rancho front diff skid
rancho oil pan skid
smitty build xrc rock sliders
day star switch panel
day star top dash panel
american racing rims ( not installed yet)
cobra CB
high lift jack
rampage high lift jack mount
2 KC long range
2 KC flood
IPF head lights
BM trans cooler
grand total, $6283 .....
up next is a mega build D-30 with 5.13
with 37's
tom woods rear shaft
i inch body lift
... and on the back burner is a LS2 V8 conversion
anything else i need.


1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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