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Goodyear MTR + Canyon Rim 32x11.5x15LT : $40 (Largo, MD)

I had this as my spare tire, as it was plugged / patched early on in its life.Tire only had 4k miles when it received its puncture (so it still has almost full tread), puncture was a shard of wood roughly the size of my pinkie finger, caused a slow leak that was only realized in the morning. Tire was plugged as well as patched from the inside - has not lost air in the years I've had it since. I still would only use it as a spare given the puncture.

Canyon Rim is the standard from my Jeep Wrangler Sahara (2003) and has no scratches or scrapes. Tire was always stored indoors, so condition is great on the rim and the rubber.


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