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Yesterday Fred and I decided to finally give Full of Hate a go, wasn't as bad as we thought it would be.
Some parts have a somewhat easier choice or a full on buggy break stuff choice. We opted for the easier stuff and bypassed the squeeze thing. Fred had a bit of trouble at the start, bend the engine skid which pushed the sheetmetal between the engine and trans into his ring gear. After some judicious work with a prybar we were good to go.
Other than a load of fun the run wasn't terribly eventfull, just some nice big rocks and some cool waterfalls.

From there we headed to Outerlimits which was a barrel of fun for the most part.
Now the end of that trail has turned into a royal pain in the butt.
Fred had a heck of a time getting through the last part but after some serious jockeying around we got him through the bypass.
Took me a whole lot longer, finally made it after the hood ended up worse for wear, got as close to flopping as I will ever care to get.
Had all four wheels of the ground stuck as can be, with both axles wedged. We finally got er back on all fours and through it but took some serious work. So all in all a fun filled and eventful day.
Will start uploading some squeaky video a bit later

Dunno if anybody cares to watch these, but I plan to upload all of them so it pretty much documents typical day at the Hammers.
Probably take all day to upload all of em.
Here is the first start of Clawhammer

Then on to Full of Hate
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