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89 YJ 258 I6<> BA/10 trans w/ NP 231.I am going to convert to the Mopar MPI. Question<>I want to put a external fuel pump on,but I hear you need a Low pressure pusher pump.I am lost.Why? and where do I go to get one?This is one of many questions I will have in the near future.You guy's will probally get sick of me. Thanks

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The FI system requires a low pressure pump. You can swap fuel tanks with a newer or four banger YJ that has the fuel pump in the tank.
You can get an external pump but you will need a pressure regulator for it also.
Hope that helps.

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I am running a 360 with FI in my 90 YJ and this is the setup I used.

Fram G2 filter between the tank and pump.
Airtex E2000 external fuel pump
FF832 fuel filter after pump (this filter has a built in pressure regulator and return line for the returnless injection setups)

All these parts are over the counter and together will cost about $130 bucks.
Make sure you swap out any soft line for high pressure soft line.
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