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this was my first project for the jeep since getting my welder besides making a cart.

i spent the last week making some rockers for my yj, made out of 4x3x1/4" angle and some 1 3/8" schedule 40. also have some 1/8" sandwhich plates along the inside of the tub.

i did all my cutting with a chop saw and 4 1/2" angle grinder.
All my welding was done with my HH140 FLUX CORE.

i dont have a bender or notcher so i had to work with what i got. i did my notching with a chop saw(which was really hard to get accurate) and cut my steps at an angle at the ends.

unfortunately me being that idiot that i am i didnt take any pics while building but took some right before paint, during and then some mounted. i think they turned out really nice.

cost breakdown:
9' (2) 4 1/2' sections of 4"x3"x1/4" angle~$35
approx 9' of 1 3/8" schedule 40~$6
10' 2"x1/8" for my sandwhich plates(didnt use all of it)~$6
Grade 8 5/16 hardware~ approx $10
black primer and paint~$10



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Those look good man! Im thinking about fabricating some of my own in the near future and im still debating on whether i want to mount mine to the tub or the frame.

Definately let us know how they hold up to some abuse!
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