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Moved to general wrangler discussion.

As a general rule, i say " they dont make things as well as they used to..." I imagine Jeeps are the same way...

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The Chrysler to AMC transition is the CJ to YJ.
I don't have any experience with AMC Jeeps but the CJ's had really narrow springs and narrow axles so roll overs were a problem if you didn't know how to wheel properly. The YJ went to a wider thicker spring, a wider axle, track bars and sway bar to eliminate the issue and to make Ralph Nader and his followers happy. There were thousands of CJs built and they were tough and dependable. Just not that great on the highway, but what Jeep is besides the JK? Once you start building a Jeep to off road it becomes less comfortable on the freeway.
The AMC did have a V6 and V8 option which was cool. The YJ was being built during the energy crisis of the 80's so they stayed with the six.
The in line 4.2 was one of the best six cylinder carbed motors built. Plenty of low end torque, very economical off road, and pretty bullet proof. They continued that motor into the YJ for a few years until they went to the 4.0 fuel injected motor. Then they took the motor out of a mini van and stuck it in the JK. Finally they are now putting in a motor designed for the Jeep in the new JKs.
I wish we could get the BJ. Yes, I know. But it does exist on the other side of the planet. It's a diesel unlimited with coil suspension in the front and leaf suspension in the rear. A lot of foreign military use it. It runs on diesel, kerosene, cooking oil and pritty much anything that you can put into the tank.
The EPA won't allow it here.

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I think the CJ was probably the best looking of all of the Jeeps since the get go. Especially the grill and front end.

I absolutely loved those tacky ass "disco" colors and CJ decals and they had the BEST names...CJ-5 CJ 6, Renegade, Commanche, Golden Eagle, Scrambler

Mechanically, Chrysler used AMC parts and engines for the entire run.

What's that tell ya?

AMC CJ was one of my first car crushes, along with the Bandit TA of course.

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