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BLM Enforces the Rules

The BLM El Centro Field Office and has confirmed that they are enforcing the supplementary rules pertaining to reserving camping spaces in the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area.

The rule is as follows: It is prohibited to reserve or save a camping space for another person at all developed sites and areas and all ORV open areas.

Please note, this rule does NOT specify the 72-hour rule. In other words, if it looks like your camp is abandoned in order to save space for the holidays, your rig is likely to be removed from the site.

For more information, please contact the BLM El Centro Field Office at (760) 337-4400. A full list of all the supplementary rules can be found on the BLM website

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I agree. It's happening at Pismo and Ocotillo too.
You don't dare take their caution tape down or they will wait until you are out on a ride and trash your stuff.
I'm glad they are finally enforcing this. I've seen huge areas roped off before.
First come first served. People won't camp close to you if they don't have to, and asking people not to camp so close because you have friends coming is never a problem.
Should get interesting to see if they really enforce it.
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