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Any Diesel Truck Owners?

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Hey guys just wondering if any of you guys got diesel rigs you tow your jeeps with? If so what you got done to them? I'm curious about getting a 7.3 99-03 or 5.9 Cummins
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I don't own a Jeep, but i do own a diesel truck. It's an 86 F250 with a 6.9L International IDI. I'm a little partial to Ford trucks and i don't think you can go wrong with a late model 7.3L. I would seriously consider a later model Super Duty with a Cummins swap as well. They make very nice, powerful trucks with a dead reliable engine that could last a half million miles easy.
Yeah man a ford with a cummins swap would be pretty sweet but a tough swap....did you get the ATS or Banks turbo on your truck?
I've got the first gen Banks kit. Try not to push it too hard since it's not studded and on old headgaskets...
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I have an 03 with the powerstoke 6.0 and love it. I have 356,000 miles and it still runs like new. Bone stock with an Edge power programmer. Great truck. I used to have a dodge with the cummins and that thing was a tank. It was a 90 ram had 150,000 miles when I got rid of it and loaded/unloaded uphill downhill it got 17 MPG, never had a major issue with it.
Sweet idi man and Chris you never had the egr cooler issue? thats the only reason I don't want to get a 6.0
There are a whole bunch more reasons not to get the 6.0. There is an aftermarket egr cooler available now that pretty much takes care of the egr cooler issue. Their previous powerstroke corn chucker is a much better engine but has a bit of an appetite for diesel fuel. Those will easily do 300.000 miles
I'm on my second 7.3, The one I have now is an 01 F-350, quad cab 4wd, long bed and it runs great with 265,000, 17-18 mpg. I had a 97 F-250 and kick myself everyday for selling it with 335,000 on it. It was 4wd, extended cab and got 19 mpg. The biggest thing with buying a diesel is the maintenance thats been given to it. If you keep the fuel, oil and air filters clean, they will last a long time.
Yeah thats what I'm hoping for a 7.3 with a chip, intake and exhaust! I really want a 7.3 excursion but they are hard to find in good shape especially where I am at everything is rusted here lol
On my 03 6.0 it has been through two EGR coolers in 356,000 miles other then that just regular things for a truck of that mileage. I have heard a lot of bad things about that motor but I guess I just got a good one. Still purrs like a kitten and gets driven a couple hundred miles a day. My goal is to get at least a half a million miles before I buy another work truck but I won't get rid of this one until it completely fails on me.
My 08 Duramax is stock as can be. I have never had any issues with going at least to speed limit anywhere. I haull a decent load on it also, 9 1/2' camper with an 18' trailer hauling the jeep on. Lots of mountain passes here also
On diesel pickup number 5 now, its a Dodge, and been a good truck. My old Dodge was also good, as were both Ford diesels, had minor issues with our Ford 6.0 but nothing to serious. Only bad diesel was our GMC with Duramax, left us stranded, ruined vacations, and was of poor quality in many respects, but had the smoothest ride of any Diesel I ever owned. The GMC suspension, with a Ford or Dodge power train, would be a nice truck.
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7.3 powerstroke is a good engine. 6.0 not anywhere near as good, way more issues.
5.9 cummins excellent engine, leaks oil like fiend, but very reliable and excellent fuel milage.
Just keep the timing cover bolts tight, don't want the dowels to fall out and break the timing gear case
Thanks for the advice I need all I can get
Hey guys just wondering if any of you guys got diesel rigs you tow your jeeps with? If so what you got done to them? I'm curious about getting a 7.3 99-03 or 5.9 Cummins
I bought a 2012 Dodge Diesel 2500 and was getting ready to mod it out when I fell in love with the first jeep, week later the second jeep and 4 days later my 2013.

Haven't had much time to work on the truck but got my first Turbo Diesel magazine which I haven't read yet. However with summer fast approaching I need to figure out some kind of a towing system. When I do, I'll post it
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