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OK first thing to do is consider if you want to do this mod. ( i did), first thing to do is remove the box from the console ( removal of the whole console is not necessary) locate the 5 t-20 (per side) torx screws and remove you will also have to remove the 2 t-30 torx screws 1 each side. next is to work the back piece off remove the cup holder and gently pry the outer trim piece away, reach in and lift the rear piece off its locking tabs, once that is far enough off unplug the power window harness, next is to work the trim up and over the "box" witch is your console once you have it move back far enough look down inside and locate the large wire harness and unplug that, now you can remove it and set it aside.
next is to locate the accelerometer to the right of the E-BRAKE cables. find the purple wire with the lite blue tracer, and cut it, ( now your committed )turn on ignition and see if the abs-esp-bas lights stay on,,, if they do you cut the right wire, next is to wire in a single pole switch (on-off) and find a place that suites you. i choose the front panel next to the E-BRAKE. there is plenty of depth there for the back of the switch and wires. wire in your switch and check that all your connections work before reassembly , once everything is back in place recheck before you put all your hard ware back,,,

I've been driving around yesterday and today playing with it on and off, the one thing i did notice right away is coast ability , taking your foot of the gas on the highway the jeep coast along in does not slow immediately. i also have put it through some maneuvers it drives fine,,


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