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I have purchased a 99 sahara right before i was deployed and I am looking at lifting it 3 inches and putting on 33" tires for some good fun when I get back the problem is I do not know the best way to go about this so if it is not too much trouble for anyone i would greatly appreciate any and all advice. the internet for me dose not really work too well, in fact i am amazed that I can post this right now. If you would like to offer any advise my email is [email protected] thank you.

Myles Glenn

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ight so tire ideas. this site is really over priced but it gives you an idea anyways is this a daily driver? or just off road?

heres some swampers.
these are A/Ts they'll be better for daily driving.
what kinda lift are you trying to do?

im a fan of skyjacker so heres a 4" gives you an idea. again quadtratec is totly overpriced.
skyjacker 4"

edit: u want to do 3" gotcha.
ight so heres the Old man emu 2" you could always do a 1" bodylift(yehyeh i know body lifts suck but 1" isn't that bad)
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