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  1. Advanced YJ Jeep Wrangler Forum
    I have a 94 YJ with the stock 2.5, and over all the thing is in great shape. I recently had the opportunity to pick up a 96 Sonoma 4.3 4x4 for a steal from a friend. Its frame is beyond rusted but powertrain is in fine shape. I've seen a few videos and threads of people fitting 4.3s into YJs...
  2. YJ Jeep Wrangler OEM Forum
    There was a tapping sound while I was driving my wrangler on the highway. Unknowingly I was driving with very little oil in the car. Was driving on the highway and heard the ticking sound and when I got off the exit I came to a stop at a intersection and it completely just stalled out. When I...
  3. Want to Buy
    I have a 1989 Jeep Wrangler and am in need of a transmission. My Peugeot transmission is trashed, but the transfer case is still good. Please let me know if you have a good Peugeot tranny or perphaps an AX 15 with a transfer case available for sale. Thanks!:)
  4. YJ Jeep Wrangler OEM Forum
    I have a friend who was born on October 25, 1989, and I am trying to find out which YJ's were built on that date. I am almost ready to get back in the hunt for another YJ (had an '89), and wanted to see if I could find one that was built on her birthday. If anyone has a 1990 model year and...
1-4 of 4 Results