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  1. Wranglers For Sale
    Greetings, Looking to rehome my Jeep Wrangler, Been my main car for a few years but now that I'm near 30, I don't need a weekend warrior anymore. I'm looking to ride in something more economically friendly. Details are as such, the jeep has many editions but she is perfectly mechanically sound...
    $32,000 USD
  2. Electrical / Audio / Communication
    I have a 2010 2 door sport and cannot take the stereo or lack thereof quality of my OEM unit any longer. I have only $500 to spend and want to get the most I can for the $$. I have no idea where to start ( subs, amps, deck unit, speakers). I need input as I have been contemplating this for 10...
  3. Introductions
    Hello there. My Jeep is a 2010 JK. Glad I joined your site and would like to introduce myself. My name is Robert and I am a proud owner of a 2010 Jeep JK . Hope to meet some fellow jeepers and find out where we can go on trail runs. Thanks for having me.
  4. JK Jeep Wrangler OEM Forum
    The problem:confused:: About a minute after a cold start, the engine develops this very pronounced ticking noise. It is loudest in the minute after initial start, when the engine is warming up, and starts to go away once the engine reaches the running temperature. However, even once the engine...
  5. Wrangler Parts For Sale
    17" x 8.5" x 12mm offset Cast Aluminum Wheel fully painted black wheel has a 5" x 5” bolt pattern. Offset allows upgrade to 35” tires without frame interference.
  6. Wrangler Parts For Sale
    We are giving away free Jeep floor mats with every lift kit purchase
  7. Wranglers For Sale
    I'm a long time lurker and wanted to give you guys a heads up that my Rubi is for sale. She is decked out with pretty much every upgrade that one would need to do some serious off roading. Sadly, my work schedule prevented me from getting to do anything other than some light trail riding and I...
  8. Advanced JK Jeep Wrangler Forum
    Hi, I am a newbie here. We have a new Jeep Wrangler, 2014 model, which we purchased from new out here in Abu Dhabi, UAE, at the end of October. It now has about 4400km on it. It has been in an out of the garage under warranty for vibration juddering. This is not a wheel vibration, it is...
  9. Want to Buy
    Jeep YJ TJ CJ7 WJ & XJ Part out for numerous Jeeps and Models. If interested in any parts, please contact us at 401 273 1860 Located in Providence RI, and we ship anywhere across the US. Add us and like our page!
  10. YJ Jeep Wrangler OEM Forum
    I have a friend who was born on October 25, 1989, and I am trying to find out which YJ's were built on that date. I am almost ready to get back in the hunt for another YJ (had an '89), and wanted to see if I could find one that was built on her birthday. If anyone has a 1990 model year and...
  11. TJ Jeep Wrangler OEM Forum
    Hey guys, So I own a '97 Jeep Wrangler TJ with a lift kit - and recently it has this weird problem. I'll be driving along and it will randomly start 'sputtering' (similar to the noise a Harley Davidson would make) and the RPM stays low. As I said, this happens randomly, but I find that it has...
  12. YJ Jeep Wrangler OEM Forum
    Hi Everyone, I'm Rommel Juan of MDJuan ent. We make jeep replacement tubs for hobbyists and enthusiasts. We mostly make for the older jeeps from world war 2 jeeps to CJ7s. We are starting to make for the YJ Wrangler. I just want to ask. Is there a need for YJ tubs now? I heard there was a...
1-12 of 12 Results