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drive shaft

  1. rear drive shaft

    TJ Jeep Wrangler OEM Forum
    Ok here it is, i recently had a berring go out in the rear end which locked everything up while driving. Now that i have it all appart with the drive shaft off the transfer case I have realized the with the engine running, manual transmission in nutural, t-case in 2H, the clutch out the rear...
  2. Recommended Suspension Brand Lift

    Advanced TJ Jeep Wrangler Forum
    I want to lift my 2004 TJ. What do you recommend for the brand? In Dubai I can get Teraflex and Rough Country. I think there a a couple others. I forget the brands. I also need to know if I have to get an extended drive shaft and a slip yoke if I put on a 3" lift. My friend here put on a 3"...